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Iglesia Monte Vista
32382 Del Obispo St, San Juan Capistrano, Ca
3:30pm - 5:00pm

FEED THE NEED is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community. We exist to serve God, our community, and our church through distribution of food to families and individuals in need while demonstrating God's love.


This ministry has been functioning for over 10 years under different leadership (Capistrano Valley Church, Hope Harbor Church, South Shores Church) and now we (Iglesia Monte Vista) have the privilege and honor to continue this amazing work.



The food we distribute is donated by Second Harvest from their warehouse and food rescue program where food is picked up at local stores ( Trader Joe's, Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons etc ). We have a Food Transport team that meets at Family Assistance Ministries ( FAM ) where we pick up a FAM truck and pick up food which is drops off at to our operations site with our partner Mountain View Church. We then begin to offload the truck around 1:30pm and organize the food on the tables by category ( meats, fruits, vegetables, breads etc).

A few minutes before we begin distributing ( 3:30 am ) we give out random numbers that will determine peoples position in line. Our guests will come in and after our guests have gone through the line our volunteers are given an opportunity to go through as well, we often have food left over at this point and give the community another opportunity to go through the line a second time. We want to the food to be distributed fairly and everything put into good use. 

We begin to clean up around 5:00pm by wiping down and putting away tables, throwing out trash and loading empty boxes and excess food onto the truck. 


Being able to provide food to families is a blessing. Our greater mission within this ministry is for people to come to know the living God who loves them. Our greatest message is Jesus!. In this vein every Sunday we have a time of worship, word and prayer From 2:30 pm - 3:25 pm held in the tables next to the basketball court. You are free to come and join us. 


Bellow are the three areas that we need volunteers.

SET UP consists of setting up tables, unloading the truck and organizing food on the tables. Keep in mind you don't have to do everything. If you can't lift anything heavy you can always help organize the food on the table. 

SERVING consists of 3 areas.

  1. One is being assigned to a table and providing our guests with guidance on how much they can take.

  2. Two is being a box runner where you will be given a marker and help our guests with full bags or boxes and take them towards the end of the line where they can pick it up when they are done.

  3. Lastly if we have enough volunteers we have people that can connect with our guests in line and offer prayer and connection.


  • Wipe down tables and bins

  • Throw trash away

  • Load empty boxes on FAM truck

  • Load excess food onto truck



Prayerfully consider a one time gift or become a monthly financial partner


Fill out our volunteer form



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